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Kingpriest Trilogy

The glorious reign of Istar -- in its heyday, the city shone as a jewel in the land, reflecting the power and goodness at its heart . . . but a zealous love of what is right can corrupt even those who seem above such flaws.

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Kingpriest Trilogy V1 --- page 38
Kingpriest Trilogy V1 --- page 314
Black NotesBlack Notes

Vizilovios Ihomua "Advent of the Lightbringer"

Vesinua, yuzun horizua,
Bon drova bruvli, Isto gizua,
Vilo lush vevom su behomu,
Vizilovra, gavos avizua.

Ita deg dridiva so anevunt,
So gonnunt, sos volbua sivunt,
Su ollum viu nirinfo vesuu,
Ita muzaba susilva so gnivunt.


"From the west, the setting of suns,
In troubled times, with Istar endangered,
Carrying lost riches he comes,
Lightbringer, bearer of hope.

"And though the darkness shall fear him,
Hunt him, seek his destruction,
He is the savior if holiness,
And the gods themselves shall bow to him."



Istar Welcome Arch

Calsa, A gomo duruc, du nosom forbo ciforud.
Calsa du forbo sebais mif usas.
Calsa, bosodo arburteis, du Istar.

Welcome, O noble visitor, to our beautiful city.
Welcome to the city beloved of the gods.
Welcome, honored guest, to Istar.

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