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Preludes II Trilogy

Adventures of the Companions in the five years before they re-joined together at the beginning of Chronicles and ended up fighting the Queen of Darkness in The War of the Lance.

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Preludes II Volume 1 --- page 12
Preludes II Volume 2 --- page 60
Preludes II Volume 2 --- page 143
Preludes II Volume 2 --- page 226
Preludes II Volume 2 --- page 227
Preludes II Volume 2 --- page 228
Preludes II Volume 3 --- page 306
Black NotesBlack Notes

Catchflea's Incantation

All that comes and all that goes
Moves in an endless circle.
Count the days and count the stars
Starting then and ending now.

Vvelz's Encouragement

Listen who can
Come hither and bend
Your backs to our task.
The vassals of Her Highness
Are needed with haste.


Gully Dwarf Prophecy

King and Queen descend from mud,
Land in Beast Pit with a thud.
Aghar crown them, dance and sing,
And they be king and queen forever.

Gully Dwarf Song

Big yellow sun,
No spit in eye,
Die all day,
Leafs up in the sky asleep,
Burning bugs,
Gray, gray, gray.
Sleep, old man,
and the trees
call us for eats.
The leafs are on fire,
but so what,
they all gone by snowtime.


Dwarven Marching Song


Under the hills the heart of the axe
Arises from cinders the still core of the fire,
Heated and hammered the handle an afterthought,
For the hills are forging the first breath of war.
The soldier's heart sires and brothers
The battlefield.
Come back in glory
Or on your shield.

Out of the mountains in the midst of the air,
The axes are dreaming dreaming of rock,
Of metal alive through the ages of ore,
Stone on metal metal on stone.
The soldier's heart contains and dreams
The battlefield.
Come back in glory
Or on your shield.

Fled of iron imagined from the vein,
Green of brass green of copper
Sparked in the fire the forge of the world,
Consuming in its dream as it dives into bone.
The soldier's heart lies down, completes
The battlefield.
Come back in glory
Or on your shield.


Gully Dwarven Marching Song

Thunder pills the fart of the ox
Erasers for Cindy these still put out the fire,
Beated and bammered the hand thunk a thought,
The hills are breathing the fish-breath afar.
Soldiers hit brothers, sorry
The battle feels.
Come back, 0 glowworm
And don't forget your shirt.


Brandella's Farewell


Tanis-Who Risked Everything for Me,

I write this now, just moments before leaving with you on what may be a hopeless journey. I know you are convinced that we both will leave Kishpa's memory, but I have my doubts. Should you make your way back to your own world without me, I want you to know how much I thought of you. And what I felt for you. But then you know that, don't you? You asked me once what binds two people together through time. I imagined that you wanted to know how Kishpa and I could love each other so deeply through all these years, so that you, yourself, could somehow learn the secret of finding such a love. How do I answer?
I must look to my weaving and tell you that the kind of love you seek is like one of my scarves. Just as a scarf covers the vulnerable throat from the cold, so does a deep and generous love protect what is vulnerable about you from the world. Love, like a scarf, wraps itself around you on the coldest of days, one more time around you when the winds of evil fortune blow their worst. And, like a scarf, a great love covers your heart. But also like a scarf, love can be easily lost or left behind if one is not careful to remember it.
Now you wait for me while I write a letter that you may never read. So I'll stop now, except to say that should you leave this world while I remain here, I will hold you dear in my memory. After all, what is memory except a way of keeping the things you never want to lose?

Farewell but Never Good-bye,

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