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The Dragonlance Comic


Riva Silvercrown and the Dragonlance


The introduction of Riva Silvercrown, the daughter of a Knight of Solamnia. Follow her adventure as she finds a dragonlance and takes on the forces of evil, with the help of her friends and a batty old wizard.


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Series Summary




Issue #1 - Fantastic First Issue!

Issue #4 - page 10 - A red dragon attacks
Issue #4 - page 10 - A red dragon attacks
Page 8 - Sturm to Brother Brightblade -
"You've left my sword to rust in some gardener's shed?! Hunh! But then what would a monk know of the sacred honor that binds a knight to his weapon?"
  Page 12 - Kitiara to Lord Soth -
"My dear Lord Soth, only the foolish and the dead know no fear. But I have learned how to face fear…as I've learned to face the dead!"
Issue #2 - page 12 - Riva Silvercrown, Vandar Brightblade, Trip and Fizban
Issue #2 - page 12 - Riva Silvercrown, Vandar Brightblade, Trip and Fizban

Issue #2 - Beware the Draconian!

  Page 10 - Riva Silvercrown to a Draconian -
" No, Father! This is my battle! I took up the fight when you would not…and by my oath as a knight, I will see it through to the end! Take your foul blade, creature of evil…so that our conflict may be waged with honor…more honor than you deserve!"
  Page 24 - Riva Silvercrown after the death of the draconian -
"By all the gods - What monstrous evils have been sent among us…and what horrors are yet to come?"

Issue #3 - Caught in a Dream's Clutches

Page 11 - Angriff Brightblade to Vandar Brightblade -
"I'll not run from this crisis, Vandar! I am a knight - as you are - living by the Code and the Measure! I will defend my home and lands to the last - and die by that code of honor if need be!"
  Page 12 - Angriff Brightblade last words -
"…or let me lead you back to the light of truth - the good and ancient ways of the knighthood….That light can never fail. It is proof against the winds of time - shining still through clouds of change across the generations…a beacon guiding us upon the path of honor! That is the measure that we live by, and not an easy one, I grant you. But though we pay a price to follow that light, it is a priceless illumination that we ---"

Issue #4 - Honor or Life?

  Page 4 - Riva Silvercrown to crowd of knights -
"I'll gladly face a thousand deaths at your side - if die we must…but I have every faith that we shall win our cause! And so must all of you - lest faithlessness defeat us where our enemies' steel could not!"
Issue #4 - page 14 - Riva and Kitiara fight
Issue #4 - page 14 - Riva and Kitiara fight
  Page 7 - Fizban to Vandar Brightblade -
"The rules of the knighthood weren't handed down by the gods, Vandar Brightblade! It was men who made them - men, well-meaning men, who sought to walk a godly path as they interpreted it! No god ever asked a monk to stand aside and watch a loved one die, I can tell you that! People make rules, and rules made by people don't always work. When that happens, the machine we call civilization starts breaking down. But a man with justice and love in his heart can find his own rules there - rules that ring with the unwritten and unspoken mysteries of the true gods of good…and he will make the world more godly in the process."
  Page 17 - Kitiara to Riva -
"They are never more valiant than when the cause is lost!"
Issue # 3 - page 15 - Riva and Vandar
Issue # 3 - page 15 - Riva and Vandar
  Page 24 - Vandar to Riva -
"He is the light that came down from the sky… pursuing the Queen of Darkness to Krynn. He is the great god of good…who asks only…that his followers choose the path of goodness…and…light…freely."

Issue #4 - page 15 - Vandar and the Sign of Majere
Issue #4 - page 15 - Vandar and the Sign of Majere
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