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The Dragonlance Comic
Series Summary

Riva Silvercrown and the Dragonlance

The introduction of Riva Silvercrown, the daughter of a Knight of Solamnia. Follow her adventure as she finds a dragonlance and takes on the forces of evil, with the help of her friends and a batty old wizard.

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Comic Issue 1 Cover Art

Issue 1

Fantastic First Issue!
Fire and Light

Mishkin, Randall & Elliott

Originally Published Dec 1988

The first introduction to Riva Silvercrown, daugher of a Knight of Solamnia and Vandar Brightblade, uncle of Sturm Brightblade. After a battle with hobgoblins, Riva seeks shelter in a local monastery where she meets Brother Brightblade, a monk of Majere. Meanwhile, Kitiara and Lord Soth seek the Sign of Majere, a medallion Riva had found. The monastery falls under attack but Riva and Vandar make their escape with the medallion and a dragonlance.

Originally Published
Winter 1988

Issue 2

Beware the Draconian!
Rites of Passage

Mishkin, Randall & Elliott

Comic Issue 2 Cover Art

Riva Silvercrown and Vandar Brightblade start their journey to Riva's father's castle. Upon their way, they are ambushed by draconians and saved by Fizban and a young boy named Tip. At Riva's home she argues with her Knight father Elgin Silvercrown and her alcoholic brother Marik. Marik is revealed to be a draconian in disguise when he attacks Fizban. After the draconian throughs Fizban down a shaft, Riva challenges him to combat and wins.

Comic #2 - page 23
Issue #2 - page 23 - Riva fights a draconian
Cover Issue 3 Cover Art

Issue 3

Caught in a Dream's Clutches

Mishkin, Randall & Elliott

Originally Published Holiday 1988

During a dream, Riva realizes she is in love with Vandar. She also witnesses a scene between Vandar and Angriff Brightblade, Sturm's father, explaining how Vandar rejected the knighthood and became a monk.Lord Soth and Takhisis threaten them, asking them for the location of the one. Neither know, and Rita breaks the dream by attacking Takhisis and then Lord Soth with the dragonlance. After awaking, they discover Fizban alive and well in the castle.

Comic #3 - page 18
Issue #3 - page 18 - Takhisis attempts to question Vandar

Originally Published
Jan 1989

Issue 4

Honor or Life?
My Honor is My Life!

Mishkin, Randall & Elliott

Comic Issue 4 Cover Art
Comic #4 - page 4
Issue #4 - page 4 - Riva attempts to inspire her father's troops
Rita's castle has fallen under attack by Kitiara's dragonarmy. Rita mobilizes her father's troops and kills a red dragon with the dragonlance but then falls under attack by Kitiara. After a spiritual talk with Fizban, Vandar decides he can both be a monk and a knight and takes up the sword. He rushes to Riva's rescue and fights Kitiara, unfortunately Kitiara's dragon sets him afire. Kitiara flees, Fizban vanishes with the dragonlance and Rita mourns Vandar's death.
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