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The Dragonlance Comic
The short-lived comic book series published between Dec 1988 and Aug 1991 re-telling and expanding on stories from some of the original Dragonlance novels.

Riva Silvercrown and Vandar Brightblade

Riva Silvercrown and the Dragonlance
Issues 1-4

The introduction of Riva Silvercrown, the daughter of a Knight of Solamnia. Follow her adventure as she finds a dragonlance and takes on the forces of evil, with the help of her friends and a batty old wizard.
1.Fantastic First Issue!
2.Beware the Draconian!
3.Caught in a Dream's Clutches!
4.Honor or Life?

Raistlin's Pawn
Issues 5-8

  1. Night Flight
  2. Wayfarers
  3. City of Death
  4. The Evil Within
The Arena of Istar
Issues 9-12
High Sorcery
Issues 13-16
Winter's Night
Issues 17-20
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